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I am a PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins University in the department of Applied Mathematics and Statistcs, working under the supervision of Prof. Amitabh Basu. I'm mostly interested in optimization and its applications, currently working on both classical and quantum algorithms and complexity. Difficult combinatorial problems, elegant stochastic algorithms, and how we can take advantage of quantum mechanics for efficient computation really fascinate me.
I am currently working as a research intern at NASA QuAIL through USRA under the supervision of Dr. David E Bernal Neira and Dr. Eleanor Rieffel, with whom I am working on distributed quantum algorithms.
Before joining JHU, I completed my bachelor's degree in mathematics at Fordham University, where I had the great pleasure of working with Kei Kobayashi.

"You are disturbing me. I am picking mushrooms."
-Grigory Perelman